Exciting Rebranding News:

Water Ecuador is proud to have transitioned to Aquality International, broadening our impact globally through research and advocacy to improve safe drinking water access in low- and middle-income countries.

The name Aquality is a reflection of our belief that #DrinkingWaterEquality is a fundamental human right, and that drinking water should be equally accessible and safe regardless of your race, gender, socioeconomic or disability status, where you live, or any other personal attribute. Aquality aspires to create a world in which no one is put at a disadvantage due to a lack of convenient and consistent access to safe drinking water.

Click to learn more at our new website: www.AqualityInternational.org!

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Update:

There was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake centered in our beloved home in Muisne, Ecuador in April, 2015. It devastated the infrastructure of the entire country, killed more than 600 people, and left countless thousands injured, homeless, and unemployed. Fortunately no one from our team was killed or injured, but given our unique relationship with the communities most affected, we decided to place our research efforts temporarily on hold and channel our fundraising efforts into supporting the earthquake relief efforts. Thanks to your generous contributions, our team in Ecuador has been able to rapidly provide those in need with food, water, blankets, medicine, mosquito nets, mattresses, and other emergency supplies. Earthquake relief efforts have now concluded. With your support we have been able to raise a total of more than $24,500 for the earthquake relief. This money purchased supplies to set up initial refugee camps for hundreds of displaced people in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, and then it continued to support the camps by providing them with free water from several of our previously constructed water centers. Additional funds have been channeled into helping with some of the reconstruction efforts in Muisne Canton. We are continuing to work with our partners on the ground and provide limited assistance, but we are also happy to report that we have resumed our research projects and other normal operations. While the earthquake will have long-lasting effects in these communities for years to come, they have stabilized and are now able to engage wholly in the rebuilding process.

We would like to especially thank our partner, Foundation Beyond Belief for their support and generous contributions to our efforts.

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